Our firm is 100% hungarian owned and was created in year 2005 with the name Sunplast Műanyagipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Our aim is to provide good solution and also offer alternative placing possibility for the continuously creating different type of technical and other plastics to be processed. With this we can provide good help for the economic organizations to reduce the garbage plastics amount - they can not use up again - which is going to be deployed at waste sites and also in order to reduce their costs. Matching with our profile in priority we would like to establish business relationship with those kind of firms, where we can buy their secondary raw material which are created during their produce. In our current list of business partners there are the wide palette of collectors, processors, producers.

Our quality policy is important part of our business and referring to this we do our job in that way we could be the trustful partner of our customers for long term. We flexibly conform to our customer's demand with providing our services at the higher level, we do our best to achieve our customer's trust and to keep that. We continuously develop our tools, documentation system based on the market's demand which raises day by day.

Our processing activity is done by keeping in mind to protect the environment and to keep up the development. Our colleagues' increased commitment towards to protect the environment and the optimal use up of the environment sources and to decrease to minimum the garbage create are all elements of our environmental awareness thinking. We plan the processing based on our partners' possibilities even from the managing the materials at our partners' place where the garbages are created till the processing operation at our firmplace. We drill the plastic garbages on our drillmachine after selecting out the proper materials to drill. Storaging method of the drilled plastics is done by putting them into big-bag sacks in a separate warehouse.
We offer our partners the possibility to make the garbage useful again in the following named plastic material forms like: PA6, PA6.6, PA46, PC, PC/ABS, ABS, SAN, PS, PBT, PMMA, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET, undertaking the organization of the transport the materials too. Depending on the demands we undertake to do wage drilling and we provide base material and regran source referring to produce specific products to make the plastics useful again procedure more complete. Currently our processing capacity is 500 - 1000 ton/year, which is expanding continuously based on the demands.